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High Gravity Brewing for Craft Brewers

Talk to Flexigen how high gravity brewing can help your brewery produce more beer without selling your soul and compromising your beers flavour.

High gravity brewing is often seen as a low cost and method of increasing a breweries production capacity without spending huge amounts of money upgrading the brewery. The concept is effectively watering down beer which can have the effect of diluting any taste the brew may have had. Done correctly and carefully, however, it can still work for the high flavour complexity of craft beers. It is possible to create a brew in the mid to normal strength category that even your most devoted customers would find very difficult to distinguish from the original recipe. The recipe needs to be adjusted to allow for higher alcohol or extract brews and a higher concentration in flavours. Also, the more you dilute the bigger the likely impact will be so you can’t be too greedy. It’s best to trial a few batches before the recipe and dilution ratio is tuned to an acceptable level. Flexigen has significant experience supporting both craft and large-scale breweries to implement high gravity brewing without compromising flavour. Our clients have seen significant brewing capacity increases for only relatively small expenditure

Get in touch with us if you want us talk you through the process of how our experience and engineering knowledge can help you to get ready for this post COVID-19 restart period.

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