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Walsh Bay Sea Water Heat Rejection Project

Flexigen recently had the privilege of providing engineering and project management services to the renewable thermal energy experts GeoExchange Australia for their Walsh Bay Arts Precinct harbour heat exchange project. We have now completed the installation of 8 underwater Titanium Heat Exchangers at the iconic Walsh Bay wharfs in Sydney. The system is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional HVAC cooling towers using the ocean to reject heat. Each of the 8 heat exchangers consists of 9 titanium plates which were manufactured by Aweb Geo in Missouri USA and assembled and installed by TFG Group here in Sydney. Thanks to our diving and underwater installation team at HDSA Group. Sitting at a depth of 8m in Sydney harbour the system has a total capacity of 2MW. Thanks to the team at GeoExchange for our involvement in such an innovative and cutting-edge sustainability project!

Flexigen Project Manager: Matthew Hucknall

Flexigen Project administrator: Florian Kulina

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