Biogas plant expansion

Design and construction of a low-pressure biogas bag

Flexigen was engaged by Lion Australia to design and construct a new low-pressure Biogas bag at XXXX Brewery in Brisbane which replaced the current design and increased capacity. This new system was designed to be fit for purpose and meets Australian IECEX standards.

The project had a number of critical challenges including:

  • 4x increased capacity in a small space by opting for a single skin un-pressurised storage system. This allowed a far higher degree of biogas utilisation and therefore increases the amount of renewable energy the brewery creates for its own use.

  • Improved safety and reliability via new pressure control and additional pressure safety valve

  • Stainless steel caged protection to Biogas bag

This was successfully delivered to a happy client and required intensive coordination amongst subcontractors, XXXX Engineering and Utilities teams.

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