No matter what your needs are, you can count on Flexigen for the support you deserve. We see each customer as unique, which is why all of our services can be completely personalized to fit specific needs and preferences. Browse through our comprehensive range of services below to learn more about what we can do for you.


Engineering Design

We are a highly experienced engineering design team skilled in multiple disciples; with notable expertise in general process engineering across the food and beverage sector, energy efficiency, sustainability strategy, mechanical services, co-generation and refrigeration design.

Project Management

At Flexigen, our project management methods are flexible, agile and carefully designed for each client.  We know how important it is to deliver projects on time and within budget.   We can assist your business with all  project management needs.

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Commissioning is a crucial stage of a long road that starts at concept, winding its way through detailed design, procurement and construction.  It is the point at which the design criteria can be verified, and is a skilled area we can help you with. Our team of engineers are selected based on their knowledge and experience across a wide range of disciplines.  We have an exhaustive list of commissioning experience and an industry leading suite of commissioning documentation and processes to ensure your project really achieves its full potential

Government Funding

We can assist you in federal and state based grant programs, project cost profitability and justification through certificate trading schemes, legislative or program based greenhouse compliance services and many more

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